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Gascoynes Connect streamlines your bookkeeping by using the following best in class software and apps.
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We are proud to be QuickBooks Platinum Partners and as a Gascoynes Connect Customer you’ll receive access to the best-in-class QuickBooks Online accounting software. QuickBooks will make your recording keeping seem like less of a chore as it learns your patterns and will assist you along the way.

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Xero is another of the leading cloud based accounting software’s and one that our staff are trained in. With user friendly functionality and the ability to link apps this software is another solid option.

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DEXT is an image capturing app that links to all major accounting software’s and easily allows you to snap or scan in your invoices, allocate and push through to your accounting product of choice. There is the ability to do this as a bulk upload or simply as and when you receive them. Additional time savings, direct supplier links and other functionality will make your books easier and more complete than ever before.

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BrightPay Connect

BrightPay Connect is our payroll software and so much more. The software allows the functionality for us to process your payroll in a timely fashion whilst also hosting all information in an employee portal that can be accessed directly by them. Great for picking up payslips, P60s and other notifications, the portal allows you to track holiday and push notifications for your staff.

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Telleroo is our hub for making instant payments. This app revolutionises the way that you make payments and syncs these payments from your accounting software. There is the ability to bulk schedule and approve the payments, making your payment runs as efficient as possible.

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